[1] 03.03.2020-Nano-Catalysis & Kinetics Group Website has been established by Shuai and Hongbo, and we keep updating all the information of our group!

[2] 06.13.2020-"Site Selective CO2 Reduction over Highly Dispersed Ru-SnOx Sites Derived from [Ru@Sn9]6- Zintl Cluster" did by Yanru and Hongbo et al., has been accepted by ACS Catalysis. Good work!

[3] 06.20.2020-Our collaborative work with Tong-Liang Hu and Wen-Gang Cui titled "In situ Encapsulated Co/MnOx Nanoparticles inside Semi-MOF-74 for the Direct Production of Higher Oxygenates from Syngas." has been accepted by Appl. Catal. B-Environ. Congrats! [4] 06.26.2020-We have two review papers accepted by "APL Materials" (did by Jin Yuan et al.,) and "化学学报" (did by Jinqiu Guo et al.,) recently, good work!